Do you know how to change a flat tire? Let’s review the steps!

flat tire

Fitting excellent tires does not relieve us of accidents or surprises. Suffering a puncture is very common and few drivers can say that it is not their case. Are you ready to solve it?

Although the current anti-puncture kits are the manufacturer’s solution (more preferable than the spare wheel, also called “spare ”  ), other alternatives are not always available. Fix the problem and find out how to change a flat tire.

6 steps to change a flat tire

1. Get away to a safe place

If you’re on the road and you notice a flat tire, pull away as soon as possible . Choose a parking lot, a service road or a place away from the road. Signal your stop and do not forget the reflective vest , as well as the triangles if they are necessary.

You can  not do that ? Stop at the side of the road, signal the stop and use the V16 emergency lights if you have them. Then notify the breakdown services .

2. Take your tools

How to change a flat tire without your tools? In the trunk, you should have everything you need, in addition to your spare wheel. The jack and  wrenches to remove the nuts.

First, check that the spare wheel is in perfect condition . In some cases, if it has been in the trunk for a long time and you have not changed it, it may be damaged, for example, with cracks. If so, you don’t need to know how to change a flat tire because you need to call the tow truck.

3. Raise the car and remove the tire

Hands on! The moment to act has arrived. Place the jack . If you don’t know where to put it, read the user manual, because it will tell you where on the chassis the jack will be placed. However, it is not a difficult task and roommate is quite simple.

Remove the hubcap, if there is one, loosen the nuts without removing them if the car is on the ground. After, raise the car with the jack, remove the nuts and keep them well. Finally, remove the flat tire .

4. Fit the spare wheel

As you can see, the process for changing a flat tire is very simple. Now you need to put the pancake wheel in place . Tighten the removed nuts. Lower the car from the jack and tighten the nuts again with the car firmly on the ground.

5. Keep all tools

You wouldn’t be the first to forget all the tools in the parking lot. That’s okay, but it’s important to take a look. Save the flat tire, as a repair may be possible. A car professional should evaluate it, but it may be time to buy a new tire.

Do you have a pressure gauge  ? Check the pressure of the spare tire, as air loss from time spent in the trunk can occur.

6. Start rolling

Keep all signs posted and remember that you cannot exceed 80 km/h with a spare wheel. Pay attention to the speedometer!

If you haven’t checked the tire pressure after mounting, stop at a service station to do so. It is not enough to know how to change a flat tire, but also to drive safely once mounted .

Is it easy or difficult for you to change a flat tire? We hope this is the first case! If you need to change the tires after the puncture , remember that you can buy cheap tires at to drive safely. And if you don’t like punctures, choose run flat tires!

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